Size Guide

Measuring Your Feet

When measuring your feet you want to take 2 main points into consideration:

  1. Heel to toe: Place your foot down on a piece of paper and measure the highest point of your toe to your heel. Draw a line across both sides so you can take an even measurement just like in the photo above.
  2. Foot Width: You can use the same method above but this time make points on the outer most parts of your foot.

Feet Measuring Sizing Tips:

  1. If you have wide feet we always recommend going 1 to 2 sizes up based on majority of our shoes but again, using our measurement tools above should help.
  2. All bodies are made differently so it's important to review the size chart of each item to figure out what is the best size for you. If you're still confused or unsure, we are here 24/7 days a week to help so contact us:

We hope this guide can help you make the most informed decision and while it's not perfect to shop for clothing online hopefully this guide can make your decisions easier.